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Hottest Singer Selena Gomez Bikini Photos 2020

Selena gomez is known mainly for her acting, singing and great body. She first got her break on Barney and Friends as a child and then made it to Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel. She gained most of her fame from Wizards and from there her popularity grew. Selena has a talented portfolio to match her smoking body. She has always been in good shape and her stomach is completely flat. Her body is perfectly built for wearing a bikini, and she does wear them often. She likes to go to the beach a lot and has dozens of different swimming suits she wears. There are mint colored, purple, green, zebra print and many more. She is an athletic person and doesn’t just wear the bikini to look good she likes to hit the water to swim, and boogie board.

Though she does like the beach she does spend a lot of time working. She not only has been in tv shows but she has starred in several movies too. Though her social media presence is what gets her the most popularity. She held the title of most followed profile on Instagram for quite a while and it’s due to her beautiful and sexy selfies.

When Selena was 16 she was signed to her first record label. The label she was signed to was Hollywood records. She was also signed with her counterparts Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

Later on she decided to start her own production company in 2008 called July Moon Productions, which was partnered with XYZ Films. This led to her creating more job opportunities and left more leeway to do what she wanted with her career. The label was set to produce and release two movies- What Boys Want and thirteen Reasons Why, where Selena was supposed to star in both.

The projects eventually fell through and she later went on to produce the TV adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why for Netflix.

Currently she wows her over 145 million followers on instagram with pictures into her life, like friends, dates and of course herself. The most views and likes are of course for the sexiest picture and any time she is at the beach or in a bikini the hears come pouring in.

She’s not shy when it comes to baring it all, her bikini choices are not subtle, they are typically very small and barely cover what they need to. She has the perfect bikini body which really helps boost her posts. She was the most followed person until recently though she’s not far from holding that title again. Check her profiles: Wikipedia, Official Site, Twitter

1. A great refreshing mint bikini

Selena in mint bikini

2. Keeping her breasts covered, barely

Keeping her breasts covered, barely

3. Safari Ready

selena gomez hot bikini
4. Never has a sweater looked so good
selena gomez bikini pic
5. Forget the bikini, this is stunning
selena gomez bikini hot
6. Eighties nude vibe
selena gomez bikini sexy
7. Bright blue a perfect contrast to a tan
selena gomez sexy bikini
8. Strolling around like a boss
selena gomez bikini photo
9. Not exactly a bikini but no one minds
selena gomez bikini photoshoot
10. Floral bikini – wet from the salty ocean
selena gomez bikini
11. Even when her hair is messed up she looks spectacular
selena gomez bikini image
12. Example two
selena gomez bikini wallpaper
13. Looking thick on a lucky boat
hot bikinis picture of selena
14. Untied bikini top, still looks good
selena gomez bikini shot
15. Zebra in the water
selena gomez bikini swimsuit
16. Selena checking out her body
selena gomez blue bikini
17. The best look, unzipped Jean shorts and a bikini
selena gomez bikini shoot
18. A portrait of a sexy fashionable cowgirl
selena gomez bikini photo shoot
19. Adjusting her bottoms
bikini pic of selena gomez
20. Looks like a beach party
selena gomez new bikini pic
21. Telling jokes while looking like a model
selena in pink bikini
22. Her laughter barely outshines the beautiful orange bikini top
selena bikini
23. Hot Yoga
selena gomez new bikini pics
24. Seductive mint
selena gomez swimsuit pic
25. The perfect Baywatch scene
selena gomez sexy bikini pic
26. Lucky bottoms
selena gomez hd bikiniCredit- instagram

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