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9 Hottest Tomi Lahren Bikini Pictures 2019

Tomi Lahren is a famous Republican commentator and host. She is not only intelligent, but she has an amazing body and loves bikinis.
Ever since she was in college, she knew the path she wanted to take. She majored in broadcast journalism and political science at the University of Nevada. Lahren graduated in 2014 and immediately started interning for a Republican Congresswoman.

Lahren’s goal was always to get involved in political commentary. She wanted an internship at OANN, One American News Network but instead was offered her own show. The show she hosted was called On Point with Tomi Lahren, and the first episode was August 2014 the same year she graduated college.

She eventually left OANN and joined TheBlaze the next year. TheBlaze is a network founded by Glenn Beck and Mark Lavin.

Her celebrity and notoriety came from her segment called “Final Thoughts.”

Lahren was suspended from the show in 2017 because she expressed her views about abortion. She believes in limited federal government involvement, and though most Republicans are for less government involvement, they are against abortion. Lahren felt that it was hypocritical and believed women should have access to legal abortion.

The founder of TheBlaze Glenn Beck didn’t like her opinion, and since it went against his beliefs, he suspended her with pay. She then filed a lawsuit, and it was eventually settled.

She is known for being strong-willed, opinionated and a constructional conservative. She doesn’t care who she offends; she stands her ground.

Her polarizing comments and opinions made her very popular and gave her many other job opportunities. She not only is smart and political but she has a rocking body and likes to model it.

She has been criticized for her comments on the Black Lives Matter movement, comments revolving around Colin Kaepernick, her support for fracking and denying climate change.

She also received some hate for criticizing a then dying John McCain.

Though she does create enemies, she isn’t doing anything that wouldn’t be acceptable for most politicians. She doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and she doesn’t seem to be losing momentum either.

Trump is a fan of Lahren stating she was a lovely talented woman through his Twitter account.

Most recently she was in the news for making fun of 21 Savage being deported. It was The Game who publicly insulted her very graphically.

1. All American bikini

2. Sultry burger on the water

3. Cheeky smile

4. Bikini clad dog walk

5. Beach side smile

6. Skimpy bikini by the rocks

7. Sexy fisherman

8. Luscious lingerie under the Cabana

9. Poolside bikini

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