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The 10 Best Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10, you have a few different options to choose from. We’ll discuss the types currently available in the market, the pros and cons of each, and our top pick for the Best Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10.

Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10 – Best Sellers

Best Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10 – Top Picks

I have already minimized your options from hundreds to only 10 Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10 and here you go with a quick comparison chart which should leave no confusion.

TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC(UB400), 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle Receiver Support Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP for Desktop, Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard, Printers, Headsets, Speakers, PS4/ Xbox Controllers
  • NOTE: The item is compatible with windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP. However, on the box there is limited space so the manufacturer do not list all of the versions and just list the most recent versions of windows
  • Bluetooth 4.0 – applies the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and it is backward compatible with Bluetooth V3.0/2.1/2.0/1.1. Ub400 turns non-Bluetooth PC or laptop into Bluetooth-capable ( PS4 & XBox Controllers for PC Only )
  • Plug & play or free driver – plug and play for Win 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. Supports Win7, XP (driver required for Win7, XP and could be downloaded from website free of charge). it is not compatible with Mac, Linux, TV
  • Nano-sized – a sleek, ultra-small design means you can insert the Nano adapter into any USB port and simply keep it there, no matter when you are traveling or at home
  • Reliability – enable wireless communication with Bluetooth-enabled computers, printers, phones and headsets. Utilize Bluetooth low energy) technology for energy-saving wireless connectivity. Operating Temperature-0℃-40℃ (32℉ -104℉)
  • Broad operation range – with a transmission distance of up to 65 ft, you can enjoy lossless music via your Bluetooth headset without hovering around your computer
  • Kind reminder: UB400 is not compatible with Mac, Linux, TV. UB400 is for PC use only so PS4/Xbox controllers could be used on PC, and is not to be used directly on Xbox/PS4. Two UB400 cannot pair with each other.
EVEO Bluetooth Adapter for PC 5.1 - Bluetooth Dongle 5.1 Adapter for Windows 10 Only (Plug and Play) for Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Keyboard, Mouse, Headsets, Speakers - USB Bluetooth 5.1 Dongle
  • RELIABLE BLUETOOTH USB ADAPTER: For laptop or computer, experience instant connectivity anywhere! The EVEO mini USB Bluetooth adapter offers PC users a powerful wireless data connection with long-distance range up to 65+ feet! This sleek, travel-friendly EVEO Bluetooth Dongle Plug and Play Version 5.1 works seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices including headphones, mouse, keyboard, speaker, cellphone, and more.
  • Bluetooth adapter for pc
  • Bluetooth Dongle
  • usb bluetooth adapter
  • LIGHTNING FAST DATA TRANSFER: Get a faster-than-ever transfer rate of 3 Mbps for clean, quick connectivity anytime! The EVEO USB Bluetooth 5.1 Adapter is compatible with Windows 10 only, without additional operations. Finally, a Bluetooth Dongle 5.1 for PC that delivers!
  • ONE-MINUTE INSTALLATION: Simply plug into your USB port and enjoy automatic installation for setup in under a minute with Plug & Play installation! Made to work flawlessly with Windows 10, this user-friendly Bluetooth USB Adapter for PC is the perfect easy-to-use solution!
  • INCREDIBLE RANGE: High performance with a frequency band of 2.402Ghz - 2.480Ghz, our PC Bluetooth adapter is designed for maximum coverage no matter what you’re working with, allowing multiple Bluetooth devices to communicate with each other. Connect up to seven devices at once, including Bluetooth earphones!
TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC, 5.0 Bluetooth Dongle Receiver (UB500) Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/7 for Desktop, Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard, Printers, Headsets, Speakers, PS4/ Xbox Controllers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 adapter for PC – Applies the latest Bluetooth 5.0 plus EDR technology and is backward compatible with Bluetooth V4.2/4.0/3.0/2.1/2.0/1.1. UB500 turns non-Bluetooth PC, desktop or laptop into Bluetooth-capable ( PS4 and XBox Controllers for PC Only)
  • Faster Speed, Farther Coverage - With the more advanced technology, this USB Bluetooth adapter will grant you up to twice the speed and four times the coverage compared to Bluetooth 4.0.
  • EDR and BLE Technology -This Bluetooth dongle is quipped with enhanced data rate and Bluetooth low energy, UB500 has greatly improved data transfer speed and operates at the optimal rate of power consumption.
  • Nano-sized – A sleek, ultra-small design means you can insert the Nano Bluetooth receiver into any USB port and simply keep it there regardless of whether you are traveling or at home
  • Plug and Play or Free Driver – Plug and play for Windows 8.1, 10, and 11 (make sure your computer is connected to the internet). Supports Win7 (driver required for Win7 and could be downloaded from website free of charge)
  • Reliability – Enables wireless communication with Bluetooth-enabled desktop, printers, phones and headsets. Utilizes Bluetooth low energy technology for energy-saving wireless connectivity. Operating Temperature-0℃-40℃ (32℉ -104℉)
  • NOTE: UB500 is not compatible with Mac, Linux, TV, or Windows 8. UB500 is for PC use only so PS4/Xbox controllers could be used on PC, and is not to be used directly on Xbox/PS4. Two UB500 cannot pair with each other.
ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter w/ Bluetooth Dongle Receiver, Laptop & PC Support, Windows 10 Plug and Play /8/7/XP, Printers, Phones, Headsets, Speakers, Keyboards, Controllers,Black
  • Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter
  • USB 2.0, Up to 3Mbps and Over 10 meters in free space
  • Frequency Band: 2.4~2.4835GHz unlicensed ISM band
  • OS Support: Windows 8 , 32bit/64bit / Windows 7 , 32bit/64bit / Windows XP , 32bit/64bit
USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC 5.1, Long Range Bluetooth USB Adapter for Windows 11/10,492FT/150M Bluetooth Dongle 5.1 EDR,Plug & Play for Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Keyboard, Mouse, Headsets, Speakers
  • 【 Latest Bluetooth 5.1 Chip】The Bluetooth USB adapter use the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip, enhancing anti-interference ability and stability. Dual-mode support Bluetooth 5.1 low energy (BLE), decreases the transmission efficiency loss caused by the interference of the 2.4 GHz frequency band, and lowers the possibility of signal interruption, never loses connection!
  • 【Plug & Play】Compatible with Windows 10/11 only. This USB Bluetooth adapter not only saves the trouble of installing drivers but also saves time and completes configuration efficiently. Simply plug into your USB port and enjoy automatic installation for setup in under a minute.
  • 【Long Range Bluetooth Adapter】Equipped with 2dBi high gain antenna and Class 1 radio technology, and the transmission range in open areas can reach 492ft/150m. The reception and transmission signal is stronger and faster than the traditional Bluetooth dongle. You can enjoy music around the house without hovering around the computer
  • 【Rotatable Dual Antenna】High-gain dual antennas can be rotated vertically at 90°, and horizontally at 180° to get a better signal and keep a stable Bluetooth connection. It can provide more powerful wireless transmission and signal reception from multiple angles. It also can be folded and carried easily.
  • 【Multiple Connection】If you want to connect multiple wireless devices with one Bluetooth adapter, then a PC Bluetooth adapter is an ideal solution. This Bluetooth Dongle allows you to connect up to 7 different types of devices at once without interfering with each other, such as Bluetooth headsets, speakers, keyboards, mice, mobile phones, game controllers, tablets, printers, etc, easy to connect and is ideal for leisure or work.
  • 【Friendly Design】Come with a blue indicator light design to let you know the working status clearly. It has a memory function, after the first pairing, it will automatic the connection restoration when the device is turned on again.
llano USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC 5.1, [Windows 11/10/8.1 Driver-Free] Bluetooth Dongle Receiver for Computer/Desktop/Laptop/Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers/Printer/Game Controller Plug & Play
  • 【Please Check Your Windows OS before Ordering】Win8.1/10/11 Driver-Free, Plug & Play. Win7 Driver-Needed(Go to the official llano website or contact customer service to get the driver and View the user manual)
  • 【2022 Upgraded Intelligence 5.1 Chip】llano newest Bluetooth adapter uses the 5.1 chip with higher sensitivity, faster transmission, and more stable signal, which is easily backward compatible with 5.0/4.1/4.0 and never loses connection!
  • 【Compatible with 99% of Devices】llano Bluetooth adapter can connect 7 devices at the same time, such as Bluetooth headset, speaker, keyboard, mouse, mobile phone, game controller, tablet, printer, etc, easy to connect, is ideal for leisure and entertainment/work.
  • 【Mini Size】This compact Bluetooth 5.1 USB adapter allows you to leave it on your laptop or PC, no need to remove, won't block surrounding USB ports, easy to carry and space-saving. What’s more, comes with a lanyard, can effectively prevent the Bluetooth adapter from being lost, and it is also convenient to carry it with you.
  • 【Wonderful Design & Function】Blue indicator light design, let you know the working status clearly. In addition, it has a memory function, after the first pairing, it will automatically connect when the device is turned on again. Excellent design and function, more convenient and practical, let you have a great use experience.
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY SUPPORT】 The fees you pay not only include a high-quality Bluetooth 5.1 Adapter, but also the most professional After-Sales service of llano on the market. Go to the llano product page and click the seller's name. To click [Ask a question]. Whatever issues, please contact us in time to activate your lifetime warranty. Don't waste any of your money.
Bluetooth Adapter for PC 5.1,Bluetooth Dongle Adapter for Windows 11/10/8.1 Driver-Free,USB Bluetooth Adapter Plug&Play for Desktop,Laptop,Keyboard,Mouse,Headset,Speaker,Printer
  • 💻【Bluetooth adapter 5.1】Shuwosmart usb bluetooth adapter 5.1 adopts the 2022 latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip,compared with Bluetooth 5.0, it has better connection stability and anti-interference ability, and effectively reduces the possibility of transmission loss and signal interruption caused by interference in 2.4Ghz frequency band. Supports Bluetooth speaker, headset, keyboard, mouse, PS4/5 controller, etc. (Not suitable for Mac OS, Linux, TV, XBOX, Autoradio) Windows 8.1/10/11 plug&play, window7 need to install the driver from the Shuwosmart official link provided in the package.
  • 🎮【Lightning speed and stable connection】Both BLE and EDR technologies are used, with a transmission rate of 3Mb/s, backward compatible Bluetooth 2.0/2.1/3.0/4.0/4.2,Dual mode Bluetooth transmission, and full speed USB 1.1/2.0 interface. Shuwosmart Bluetooth receiver for pc 5.1 has lower energy consumption and faster and more stable transmission performance, which minimizes the delay of the device during Bluetooth connection, bringing you a smooth experience without delay worries.
  • Ⓜ️【Mini size Bluetooth adapter】The Shuwosmart bluetooth usb adapter pc 5.1 is only 1cm*3cm in size, and it will not occupy the space of any other device using the USB port, you can plug in and forget about it. Shuwosmart Bluetooth adapter can connect seven devices at the same time. In addition, it also has a memory function. After the first pairing, when the device is turned on again, it will automatically connect. Intelligent design, mini size, premium experience.
  • 🎧【High fidelity audio transmission】Shuwosmart Bluetooth adapter 5.1 adopts dual module design, so audio reception and transmission can be easily carried out simultaneously, ensuring smooth experience of Skype and other software. The upgraded chip has better audio resolution capability, allowing you to enjoy high fidelity and exquisite music and movie audio through Bluetooth connection.
  • 🛡️【Professional customer service】What you pay for is not only a premium bluetooth usb dongle, but also the free professional customer service provided by Shuwosmart. You can contact us at any time if you encounter any software or quality problems during the use process, and we will do our best to solve all your problems.
Bluetooth Adapter for PC 5.0, ALINKVITE Bluetooth Adapter for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, Bluetooth Dongle with Ultra-Range, Dual-Mode, USB Dongle for Keyboard, PC, Mobile, Printer, Headset, Speakers
  • ★【Advanced Bluetooth 5.0】 Bluetooth 5.0 dongle applies the latest Bluetooth 5.0+EDR technology and has faster transmission rate, wider range, higher energy and lower consumption than Bluetooth 4.0. With the Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support, Bluetooth adapter USB greatly improved the data transmission rate, reaching 3Mbps. USB Bluetooth adapter for PC is backwards compatible with Bluetooth V2.0/3.0/4.0/4.2. Bluetooth adapter allows you to enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted connection
  • ★【Innovated MINI Size Dongle Adapter】Enjoyed broad operation range, a sleek, ultra small design of the dongle adapter means you can insert the nano blue tooth adapter into any USB Bluetooth port and simply keep it there, no matter where you go. Extremely compact, easy to carry in pockets, and can be used anytime, anywhere. Blue tooth adapter gets excellent customer service for your peace of mind. If you have any questions about Bluetooth card, you can feel free to contact us at anytime
  • ★【Plug & play PC Bluetooth Adapter 5.0】Bluetooth dongle for PC WIN 11/10/8.1/8 made plug and play comes true. You could just plug the USB Bluetooth adapter 5.0 into your Bluetooth USB port. Before inserting the Bluetooth 5 dongle for Win 7 into your computer Bluetooth adapter USB port, please install drivers via compact disc. Or you can contact customer service for driver file and installation steps. Once you have run the software, you can insert the USB Bluetooth adapter to get connected
  • ★【Multi Platform Compatible USB Bluetooth Receiver】With Bluetooth 5+ EDR, Bluetooth PC cards is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 2.0/3.0/4.0/4.2. The wireless Bluetooth adapter have also been upgraded its compatibility, which can work with 7 devices simultaneously. Bluetooth dongle for PC enables wireless connectivity with a wide range of devices such as keyboard, desktop, laptop, mice, printers, headset, speakers etc. Bluetooth USB dongle is compatible with WIN 11/10/8/8.1/7
  • ★【Incredible Long Range Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter for PC】With a transmission distance of up to 33~66 ft in open space, you can enjoy lossless music via Bluetooth headset without blocking surrounding. Enabling Bluetooth on PC lets you enjoy the convenience and freedom of wireless connectivity with a wide range of devices, including desktop, mobile phone, laptop and headphones. Bluetooth adapter for PC 5.0 have been upgraded to make the Bluetooth receiver for PC durable and qualified
Long Range USB Bluetooth 5.1 Adapter for PC USB Bluetooth Adapter Wireless Audio Dongle 328FT / 100M 5.1 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for Desktop Laptop PC with Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7
  • 【Bluetooth 5.1 Dongle 】: With the latest Bluetooth 5.1 + EDR, Transmission distance ( 328ft/100M. ), faster data rate ( 3Mbps), and lower power consumption; Backward compatible with Bluetooth 5.0/4.2/4.1/4.0/2.1/2.0 Dual-mode Bluetooth transfer, compatible Full-speed USB 2.0/USB 1.1 interface.
  • 【Bluetooth 5.1 Adapter for PC】: Help your old desktop add wireless Bluetooth function to connect more Bluetooth devices such as: mouse, keyboard, headphones, headset,speaker, printer, etc. ( Not compatible with Mac, car stereo or TVs.)
  • 【Long Range Wireless Transfer】: This USB Bluetooth dongle with 2dBi external antenna, long range wireless transfer can up to 328ft/100M. ( Note: Operation range can be affected by physical obstructions and wireless interference.)
  • Install Driver Tips : First install the driver, then plug this usb Bluetooth adapter into your PC. ( NOTE: You can download the driver in CD disc / Please contact us to get the online download driver site via amazon message, thanks )
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】: We can offer lifetime manufacturer replacement warranty and 90 days no questions asked return policy.( If have any question, please contact us via amazon message )
  • 【 Work with Multi-Device】: This usb Bluetooth dongle can make your computer for working with many devices at the same time.The anti-interference ability has been increased, new technologies have been adopted to reduce the loss of transmission efficiency caused by interference in the 2.4 GHz band.
Cable Matters USB Bluetooth Adapter (USB to Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter) for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Raspberry Pi in Black
  • USB bluetooth adapter for PC added BT capability to an older computer or replaces a failed BT card
  • Bluetooth audio adapter connects to a BT speaker, headset, keyboard, mouse and more; Pair up to 7 devices when supported by the computer host
  • Simple installation with Windows drivers on the included CD or available for download; Drivers automatically install with Windows 8.1 and 10; CD includes additional BT profiles not included in Windows
  • Low-energy bluetooth 4.0 will not quickly drain power from the connected BT adapter (in Windows 8.1 and 10); Backwards compatible with BT 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1
  • Windows compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 10; Plug & play with Raspberry Pi Zero and 2 with Raspbian

What to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10

Even deciding on an insignificant purchase can make you feel like choosing between the red pill or the blue one. But is the headache really worth it? Online shopping was meant to make our experience simpler, easier and enjoyable. But in reality it is quite easy to get confused on the decision which one to buy?.

This is where our efforts come in! This list of bluetooth adapter for windows 10 will surely save you valuable time and effort. However another question remains, what makes our compilation the best? Or on what basis you should trust this bluetooth adapter for windows 10 list.

Is it virtually possible to know every detail of a product for making a perfect purchase? The answer is definitely NO, it’s not! Then how do you make the correct decision while buying bluetooth adapter for windows 10? Well, the complexity of selecting a single product from a sea of them can be simplified taking into consideration a few key metrics regarding the product.

We feed thousands of data to our AI regarding these products through advanced algorithms. Based on the relevant data i.e. brand, features, specs, ratings and reviews and many others (which are discussed below) a list of best bluetooth adapter for windows 10 has been prepared by the AI.

Brand Reputation:

Branded products might seem pricey but the point is they are charging those extra bucks for reliability. Unlike many other things, trust doesn’t come cheap. 8 out of 10 times you can trust a branded one.

Unique Features:

Enough and useful features make a product purchase worthy. This is the basic criteria to be followed.

Useful Specifications:

Matching the right specs according to your need is very important and we miss no important things.

Star Ratings:

Healthy ratings indicate a good product. Highest rated products rarely disappoint users. So, we pick the best rated units on our list.

Number of Reviews:

Higher number of reviews in the shortest period of time shows the product is accepted widely by a lot of customers. Customer feedback aka customer reviews are the most insightful source of judging a product’s merit. We take serious consideration into customer reviews and total numbers while choosing them.

Ratio of Positive Reviews Against Bad:

The final rating is an average of all ratings provided by users. But we can get a deeper look at the product’s performance if we analyze the ratings on each star level.

Ranking of the Seller:

Shows the reputation of the seller. Even if you choose the correct item, a bad seller can be a big hassle. So stare clear of them.

Product Ranking in Relevant Category:

These small little details are never left out of our consideration. This is what makes our selection even more confident and authentic.

Bang for the Buck:

Spending a fortune on bluetooth adapter for windows 10 is not a wise thing to do. Our every selected item should provide you the best value for the money you spent.

Selling Growth Over the Product Lifetime:

A product might have thousands of reviews and good ratings, still can be a bad choice. Once hyped products can be an outdated choice now. So, a gradual positive growth of any product indicates its reliability.

Latest Models:

Every product is perfected with every new edition. Those little improvements, upgrades and adjustments come real handy in user experience. So, we keep in mind to choose the latest ones.

Product Availability:

Unavailable product is like a dead lion. Discontinued items are surely not recommended.

Rating By Features:

There is a special segment in amazon where the product is rated according to different relevant features. This one is mostly overlooked by everyone. But we keep a keen eye on this!

Overall Versatility:

A product needs to be versatile and user friendly. Our aim is to prepare a list of best bluetooth adapter for windows 10 which will serve you in a wide range.

Amazon’s Preference:

Amazon’s choice can be a factor to consider. It creates a sense of reliability among customers. We value amazon’s choice and prepare all lists keeping this fact in mind.


After reading through all of the reviews and features of the different bluetooth adapter for windows 10, it is clear that there are a lot of great options to choose from. However, the best option for each person will vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. But here, the products we have listed above, have great features and are highly rated by customers. If you are looking for the Best Bluetooth Adapter For Windows 10, then any of these 10 would be a great choice for you.

Last update on 2023-01-29 at 12:24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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