Top 10 Best Bikini Trimmers and Shavers for Women’s Pubic Area

Shiny and silky skin is not a dream but personal care for every women with the best bikini trimmer and electric shaver. Smooth skin like butter makes you feel the difference in every area of life. All you need an electric razor as well as bikini trimmer that won’t cause any blood, sweat, tears and make you a perfect in every aspect of daily life.

Almost half of the women remove hair totally to feel comfortable, clean and most preferably sexy. A study of the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that about 95 percent of women go shaving at least once a month. Even, once a week is a must to keep yourself clean.

So, what’s about a shaving kit? Razor, either electric or manual is still the top priority to get smooth skin.

Quick Answer: The 6 Top Rated Bikini Trimmers and Shavers [2019]

  1. Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Electric Shaver and Pop-Up Trimmer
  2. Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Razor with Bikini Attachment and Pop-Up Trimmer
  3. Morpilot 4 IN 1 Ladies Electric Shaver and Body Leg Hair Trimmer
  4. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth Glide Foil Shaver and Bikini Trimmer
  5. Sminiker Professional Ladies Electric Shaver with Body Hair Bikini Trimmer
  6. Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Electric Hair Removal Razor and Bikini Trimmer

Top 10 Best Bikini Razors and Bikini Trimmers of 2019

We can say that expensiveness never determine the quality but the manufacturers. And, the price makes an impression on the customers feel. So, we got the products which are under considerable price for all walks of women. We, in this article, have reviewed some great women’s shaving razor according to technical prominence, user-experience, ergonomic design, skin sensitivity and most preferably moderate budget.

1. Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Electric Shaver and Pop-Up Trimmer

best rated electric bikini shaverPanasonic ES2207P 3-Blade Cordless Electric Razor and Pop-Up Trimmer at a Glance:
  • Versatile uses for legs, underarms and bikini area
  • Three independent floating head system
  • Included handy pop-up trimmer to reach anywhere of the body
  • Included hypoallergenic women’s razor blades and foil
  • Compact charger to save space

To get a feeling like a massage bussing up, Panasonic ES2207P is a worthy electric razor for gorgeous women. The versatile shaving razor ensures silky-smooth skin from the very first time shaving.

Panasonic ES2207P 3-Blade Cordless Electric Razor comes with included almost everything for the best feeling of shaving for a woman.

It lets you soft massage feeling while shaving. However, the best women hair epilator ensures the shave what you exactly want. You won’t be happier for personal shaving area shaving with it.

Though it takes a longer time to finish smooth shaving; I think you won’t regret because of having beautiful, sexy legs and appearance.

By the way, remember that dry shaving may create a little ignorable pain. But to get prevention from unwanted razor bumps and irritation and smooth shaving, you can go through the Panasonic ES2207P, the best shaver for women.

2. Philips SatinShave Prestige Cordless Hair Removal with Trimmer

Philips SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric Shaver with Trimmer at a Glance:

  • Integrated most advanced technology for sensitive skin
  • Full-featured shaver and trimmer included
  • Dual floating heads to reach curve areas smoothly
  • Rechargeable lithium battery for longer battery life and quick charge
  • Both dry and wet use anywhere and anytime

Philips has a long tradition for trustworthy to the raving beauty. The women’s electric shaver of Philips will add dignity to your beauty by cleaning unwanted hairs from your pubic area.

From our personal experience, we can surely say that Philips SatinShave is a great trimmer for its reaching capability of curve areas.

The pearl color symbolizes the distinct ladies color. It has 4 hair removal kits which will help you in almost everything doing differently with different beauty kit.

However, for getting longer lasting fairness, Philips women’s electric shaver won’t baffle you rather satisfy with almost-smooth shaving. The real customers like it for its unique design with longer battery life.

Though a little confusion about the trimmer arises, I think it’s all about maintaining and using the trimmer. Trimming with Philips can shape a sexy look for the pubic area.

3. Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Razor with Pop-Up Bikini Trimmer

Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Razor with Pop-Up Bikini Trimmer at a Glance:

  • Four independently floating heads attachment
  • Pivot-action shaving head to reach every part of the body
  • Special designed Snap-On bikini area trimmer
  • Super-sharp, irritation free and hypoallergenic blades and foils
  • Convenient for wet-dry even under the shower.

Shaving and trimming isn’t a hassle now as Panasonic ES2216PC comes with all features of instant shaving and trimming. Panasonic is a must-have shaving tool to prevent unwanted razor bumps and irritation free for sensitive skin. Its four blades will ensure smooth skin by cutting hairs from the very close root.

Not like many others, Panasonic electric razor has a space-saving design for traveling. Its removable blades, as well as a trimmer, will help you clean your bikini area as clean as blade razors. The floating heads will reach every possible part of the body to remove unwanted hair.

For granted, trimmer won’t give you blade-like shaving, but a hypoallergenic and irritation-free electric razor can make you feel healthy. You can try Panasonic to get all in one for a moderate price.

4. Morpilot 4 IN 1 Ladies Electric Shaver and Body Leg Hair Trimmer

Morpilot Ladies Electric Shaver and Body Leg Hair Trimmer at a Glance:

  • 4 in 1 cordless shaver set with manicure set included
  • Quick, smooth and painless shave for professional women
  • Waterproof body to use it anywhere at any time.
  • Convenient operating system for its cordless charger with ergonomic design
  • Ensures sexy look for legs, underarms and down-there hair

Isn’t it a better deal to have an electric shaver with a manicure set for the same price of a ladies electric shaver? You might be suspicious about the quality, but if the quality is above standard, you might be amused. Exactly, Morpilot has brought an amazing ladies electric razor set with a manicure set included.

Morpilot, an exceptional electric razor, for not only its included manicure gift but also for the versatility of the grooming tool. The soft touch handle along with water-resistant body ensures usability under the shower or out of the water. It has an open razor hypoallergenic blade for sensitive skin. So, you have complete control over the shaving for the goodness of the skin.

Dermatologists suggest not to shave dry skin. It may irritate, so why morpilot won’t be? Isn’t it a wise decision to take care of your skin?

5. Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Legs Hair Remover

Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Leg Hair Remover at a Glance:

  • Four 18K gold plated heads to contour every curve
  • Irritation and cut free hair removal from legs, pubic area, underarms and ankles
  • Lithium-ion battery ensures long battery life and quick charge
  • Cordless and space-saving design for easy travel

With no irritation, no nicks, no cuts, and flawless legs finishing touch is an awesome kit for its painless and instant hair removal. The perfect beauty kit is for all ages, from teen to old ages.

Finishing Touch Hair Remover is a simple tool without trimmer for flawless legs, underarms, bikini area and ankles. The four 18K gold plated heads will pass by all the hairs.

However, finishing touch women’s hair removal can be used not only for legs but also all other curve areas. But the little cons of the awesome skin kit is the moderately high price.

I think you won’t mind having a great tool in spite of a bit considerable price.

6. Tezam Bikini Trimmer and Body Hair Epilator

Tezam Bikini Trimmer and Body Hair Epilator at a Glance:

  • Easy-grip and non-slip handle for comfort shaving
  • Waterproof design to use underwater even in the bath
  • Lithium-ion battery for extended service
  • 6 weeks butter-smooth and flawless skin
  • Three independent floating heads

As long as 6 weeks smooth and flawless legs, Tezam women’s electric shaver will also a favorable skin kit for sensitive skin. You can also use it under the shower for its waterproof design. It has versatile usability from its rotating dispatch for different hair.

Cutting very close as razor blades, Tezam electric shaver gives a silky smooth shave. It’s not only a shaver but also a multi-purpose trimmer.

The ladies trimmer comes with 5 integrated kits such as dock, cleaning brush, sideburn cutters and beard trimming guard. But the astonishing pros of the tezam is its easy removing and cleaning head. However, you may need after shave lotion as the electric shaver cuts close to the skin as a razor.

7. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth Glide Foil Shaver and Bikini Trimmer

Remington WDF5030ACDN Foil Shaver with Bikini Trimmer at a Glance:

  • Unique foil design to shave all length hairs by angling.
  • Unique 4-blade shaver for an optimal shave
  • Advance smooth glade technology for silky smooth skin
  • Dual-sided trimmer to ensure speedy and smooth shave
  • Optimal angle head to flush foils close to the skins.

Advance glide technology with the new open-blade cutting system from Remington electric shaver gets immense popularity. The sylphs, who want smooth shaves like silk or butter, can’t ignore the cutting ability of 4-blade shaver.

To get a comfortable, smooth, closeness, and convenient shaving, you can depend on Remington Women’s’ Electric razor. It requires no cream, no gel or no aftershave lotion. You just need to touch-up if you’re in a hurry. No need to worry about cutting.

The best electric shaver for women will serve you for years. It is little in size for its space-saving design. Also, it’s a perfect solution for coarse, thick and curly hair. So, don’t let the unwanted hair grow more.

To get hair clean in the possible shortest time, don’t be bothered to pick Remington.

8. Sminiker 4 IN 1 Electric Shaver with Body Hair Bikini Trimmer

Sminiker 4 IN 1 Electric Shaver with Body Hair Bikini Trimmer at a Glance:

  • 3 in 1 sharp blade for smooth shaving
  • Water resistant and ergonomic design for kit’s body and charger
  • Pop-up trimmer to remove unwanted hair from the bikini area
  • Rechargeable kit to use anywhere and anytime
  • Lightweight and space saving design for taking as a travel tool

Especially coming for bikini area, Sminiker is a professional and waterproof women’s electric razor for a smooth and comfortable shave. The specially designed bikini trimmer allows trendy hair design in the down-there hair area. However, it’s not only designed for the bikini area but also a gracious skin kit with versatility.

Nothing can be better than having a sexy leg like belle. And Sminkier allows you to get sexiest legs and skin with its 3 in 1 sharp blade. Even, hairs can’t grow earlier as Sminikier cuts from the very close of the root.

But the most amazing kit of the package is the bikini trimmer which allows you to keep a fairy design.

A statistics from cosmopolitan says that about man likes hair on the pubic area of his partner. So, get closer and impress your partner by designing bikini area hair with a specialized bikini trimmer.

Sminikier requires almost 7 hours of charging for an about 70 minutes use. It’s a little bit more, but many users’ experiences show that charge allows using the trimmer for more than 70 minutes.

9. ETEREAUTY Ladies Electric Razor Bikini Trimmer

ETEREAUTY Ladies Electric Razor Bikini Trimmer at a Glance:

  • 4 in 1 interchangeable kits
  • Versatile uses both in dry and wet
  • Long time backup rechargeable device
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with an unconditional refund policy
  • Convenient button for easy cleaning

Getting elegance in the style of outlook will increase your personality. And Etereauty is here to make you elegant in gorgeous outlook. Its convenient skin kit makes you silky skin in all aspects.

For the sensitive skin, selecting shaving kit is a hassle for the conscious enchantress. And why won’t you be a concern as the skin is the most sensitive part to glorify beauty?

So, to satisfy all the concerns, Etereauty has brought Ladies electric shaver for the women who are conscious about the skin. However, the shaving kit has both long and short handle to reach back parts of the body as well as easy-reaching parts.

Even, you won’t have problems shaving everyday though it’s unnecessary. Gorgeous shaving takes more effort with this kit, but it lasts longer like a manual razor.

10. Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Electric Hair Removal Razor and Bikini Trimmer

Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Electric Hair Removal Razor and Bikini Trimmer at a Glance:

  • Exfoliation attachment for smooth skin and radiant appearance
  • Specialized bikini trimmer to groom unwanted hair
  • Comfortable shave under the shower or out of the water
  • Rounded and gliding head to ensure unique contours

Smooth skin is the most concerning matter for shaving. But you can’t ignore the duration and the appearance. So, to get all in one package, Braun Women’s electric shaver is nothing but an exceptional by its features.

If you’re confined to manual razor for shaving, Braun ladies shaver and trimmer isn’t for you. Nothing will be comparable with the manual shaving appearance.

But, this shaving kit, Braun women’s electric shaver will shave for a silky skin like manual shaving. Also, the package includes a bikini trimmer to reach conveniently down-there hair area.

Again, the shaver blades will never pinch your bikini area while shaving. Isn’t it worthy of an irritation-free and radiant appearance ladies shaver?

11. REMINGTON WSF4810US Travel-Friendly Bikini Line Shaver

REMINGTON WSF4810US Travel-Friendly Bikini Line Shaver at a Glance:

  • Irritation free shaving for sensitive skin
  • Smaller angled head to reach bikini area conveniently
  • Dual trimmers ensure cleaning all hairs.
  • Protection from cuts and nicks while shaving
  • Rechargeable battery to operate for a longer time

Reaching all the curves while shaving is a matter of concern for the professional looking women. And not all the shaving kits will help you in reaching every part of your body.

Hence, Remington women’s electric shaver matters your concern. Remington WSF4810 is a convenient shaving kit to reach each part to give you a sexy appearance.

When it is a matter of skin, it’s also a concern for many ways like razor bumps, Irritation, allergies, nicks, cuts and so on. Remington women’s electric shaver is an all-in-one solution for each skin concern. It makes you not only a great appearance but also takes care of your skin.

The 3-blade shaver ensures sleek and smooth skin while hypoallergenic foils ensure razor bumps and irritation free shave. The ergonomic space-saving design makes it adorable, but the smaller angled head will reach any area of your body perfectly, even in backs.

How to Choose the Best Bikini Trimmer and Shaver for You

Thousands of varieties from different companies are available in the market. Are all the products same and the best fit for you? Nope, as not all skins are equally created, a single product is never fit for all.

clean your bikini area

Also, you never ignore genetics which determines the characteristics of your skin. Here, we have listed and reviewed some great shaving kits according to the types of skin and personalities of the gorgeous divas.

Sensitive Skin
Not all razor is similar to treat sensitive skin. So, never try an ordinary electric razor for sensitive skin. It will not only irritate your skin but also damage in the long run.

A careful decision while choosing an electric shaver for sensitive skin will glorify your skin as well as will make you feel better. Hence, dermatologists advise no to use dry shaving as it is irritating to the sensitive skin.

Oily Skin
Shaving oily skin needs special attention to keep you gorgeous. You can’t use any razors for oily skin either dry or wet shaving. Whitney Bowe, a famous dermatologist in the New York City, suggests testing your oily skin before shaving to get the best output from the lady shaver.

Virgos, who reach their puberty, see hairs on the legs, underarms, or most specifically in their pubic area. At this stage, they want to shave the unwanted hairs.

To shave away the hairs, consulting with mom, elder sister or dermatologists will be helpful to get easy hair removal. However, using an electric razor for a teenage girl can make shaving enjoyable at the primitive stage.

Sexy Look
Sexy look isn’t a luxury but a vanity to the Rocambolesco divas. A sexy look can ease difficult jobs by swaying the mind of beauty lovers. But, how to get a sexy look? Mostly, your unwanted hair obstacles your aesthetic appeal. Here, an electric razor will help you get a sexy look.

Coarse Hair
Coarse hair in the pubic area or underarms is bothersome. Not many razors can help you get smooth skin by removing coarse hair. It needs a special razor to shave coarse hair. Our listed products will help you in the course of cleaning coarse hair.

Wet Shaving
Still, wet shaving is the most priority for a clean shave. Though using the trimmer for down-there hair area is a fashion nowadays, clean shaving can help you win on your first date. A statistics from cosmopolitan says, 44{c420cbaeb75e1d952eb6c931f918211d2013a082328078ed3453c2152656b5b5} male partner want to see his mate clean shaved.

Dry Shaving
Dry shaving is getting popularity for its instant shave. It helps professionals to get ready in the shortest possible time. However, the electric razor helps you a way to have dry shaving for almost every day. Also, daily wet shaving isn’t a good practice for a healthy life.

Bikini Shaver’s Must-Have Features You Should Consider

Your eagle-eye on the features can save your bucks and time in selecting women electric razor. Just follow the must-have features of the best ladies electric shaver to pick up the best one.

Floating Head System
Floating head is convenient to reach any part of your body. So, try a look for bloating and a small head of the shaver. Otherwise, you won’t get a clean and smooth shave in sensitive parts like pubic area.

Versatile Wet Dry Shaver Operation
Wet shaving will give you complete satisfaction while dry shaving is day-to-day routine work for professionals. So, picking up a versatile shaver is a wise decision which will work efficiently in the shower or out of the water.

Convenient Pop-up Trimmer
At first, you should know trimmer won’t give you a silky or butter skin. But you can use it for trimming the hair in any size. It’s a great tool for fashionable divas as well as teenage girls.

Hypo-allergenic Blades and Foil
The most ever concern for shaving is the irritation and nicks after shaving. Sensitive skin suffers a lot from using an allergenic shaving kit. Now, almost every shaving kit is hypo-allergenic and irritation free. But, you must have a look at the specifications to save your skin.

Compact, Space-saving Shaver Charger
Charging capacity depends upon not only for longer battery life but also required time to be charged. Longer durability with less required time for charging saves your time. It’ll also ensure high-quality battery inside the shaving kit.

Portable and Easy To Clean
Women’s electric shaver is a regular-used kit to feel fresh and seasoned. You may need to travel to different places for many reasons. A space-saving, ergonomic designed shaver will be handy to carry inside the bag.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction guarantee for the products is a great indicator for best quality ladies electric shaver. It’s also not a one-time use kit rather for many years uses. So, satisfaction guarantee, as well as an unconditional refund policy, will help you save bucks and time.

Shaving Tips for Women to Use Trimmer and Shaver Efficiently

Shaving with a manual razor will give you closer shave but to make a convenient reach of down-there hair area, to avoid unsightly and painful cuts and nicks, to get off irritation, women’s electric shaver can be the best choice.

Here, we have discussed some shaving tips for women to get the best shaving experience.

  • At first, fix the shaving mode you want to use, dry shave or wet shave. The duos are almost same, but wet shave can be used in the shower whereas dry can’ be.
  • Prepare your legs, underarms or pubic areas by applying soap or gel. It’ll soften the hair and make the skin more lenient.
  • Now, shave in a gentle circular motion in every part of your body to be cleaned. You can try it again to get crème de la crème skin.
  • Rinse the legs, underarms or pubic area and wipe away with a towel.
  • Apply moisturizer or aftershave lotion to feel comfortable, clean and sexy.
  • Clean your shaver head though it’s not essential for a self-cleaning women’s electric razor.

Final Verdict

After going through the products we have reviewed, we figure it based on features, real experiences and of course the price. A perfect lady shaver will give you a look of a million dollars woman.

Suffice to say, I think, having the products among the best women’s electric razor list would save money along with the best personal care.

So, if you’re dealing with ladies shaver, I’d say you’ll never regret rather satisfied with the worth of every penny.

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