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Hot & Sexy Alexa Bliss Bikini Pictures 2020

Alexa Bliss looks like the girl next door, but she packs a punch, and so does her slamming body. Alexa is a famous wrestler for WWE. She currently performs for WWE under the Raw brand and made her debut under Smackdown. She was first debuted in 2013 when she signed her first contract with WWE. When she first appeared in the ring she decided on the name Alexa Bliss; her real name is Alexis Kauffman.

Not only does she have to stay in great shape in order to wrestle, but she has also been all about athletics most of her life. When she was in high school and college, she was a competitive cheerleader and also competed in bodybuilding competitions. She doesn’t really have to focus on her body much since her strenuous activities keep her in shape and toned.

In 2015 she earned herself her first title match after beating NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks in a non title match.  She spent a lot of her time losing while she was with NXT, but that did not matter because she was amazing and looked good all the time. She was a favorite, and like a lot of the other women wrestlers, she wore a tight bikini like spandex outfits.

In 2016 she joined SmackDown, her first fight with Smackdown she won. She ended up becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion (2016–2017). For the win, she wore knee high sexy black boots, a pair of booty shorts that were smaller than the average underwear and a crop top.

Her sexy looks are all about fashion and function. She loves wearing bright colors and tiny bikini like outfits. She typically has platinum blonde hair  Alexa is a creature of habit and seems to frequently wear mini booty shorts that match a small spandex bra, and a good handful of those bras have cross straps that cross above her breasts.

She also won the Raw Women’s Champion (2017–2018). She still wrestles currently though she has suffered injuries and has taken time off occasionally.

It’s very obvious by the skimpy and bold outfits that Alexa Bliss loves to dress up, in fact, she considered cosplaying one of her hobbies. She has imitated various popular characters in the ring (the sexy versions of course). She dressed up as Supergirl, The Riddler, Iron man, Harley Quinn, Chucky, and Freddy Krueger.  This passion led to her being cast in the seventh season of Total Divas, the tv show.  This allowed her to join the ranks of other sexy WWE stars who also were featured on the show like Nikki Bella, Naomi, Cameron, Natalya, Eva Marie, and JoJo.

Aside from her wrestling and tv shows, she uses her body to take advantage of some great opportunities like modeling. She isn’t shy to show her amazing body and often appears in photos wearing only tiny bikinis and high heels. She also seems to like bringing props in to amplify the modeling game, like one photo where she dressed up like a sexy rock star, and she’s straddling a guitar.

Alexa without a doubt is a crowd favorite; she has many photos that are featured on many sites that feature her body, from the red carpet to beach pics. She also does a lot of promos for magazines through WWE, and there are whole sites dedicated to her offering pictures of her as computer wallpapers and backgrounds.

Alexa also has a twitter and instagram account where she posts silly poses, thought out costumes and sexy pics of herself daily.

If her presence on TV through WWE isn’t enough, check out her sexy figure in three WWE video games. She appears in WWE 2K17, WWE 2K18, and  WWE 2K19.

1. Matching hair and bra


2. Playful day at the pool

alexa bliss sexy

3. Modern wonder woman

sexy alexa bliss

4. Naughty Harlequin

alexa bliss photos

5. Even superheroes need to practice

alexa bliss pics

6. Letting the sun touch all of her skin

wwe alexa bliss hot

7. Broken arm panic

hot wwe alexa bliss got problem

8. Ready to fight

alexa bliss sexy pics

9. Having fun in all leather

alexa bliss photoshoot

10. Looking down at her victim

alexa bliss pictures in the ring

11. Strutting her stuff

pictures of alexa bliss

12. The red tipped hair makes an appearance

wwe alexa bliss bikini

13. Hottest winner

wwe alexa bliss sexy medal

14. Looking like a gymnast

hot alexa bliss

15. The Threesome ready to fight

wwe diva alexa bliss

16. Everyday work out look

alexis bliss sexy

17. The black bikini never gets old

alexa bliss hot pics

18. Eye on the prize

alexis bliss hot

19. Getting ready for some mischievous fun

sexy alexa

20. Fresh golden tan

alexa bliss bikini

21. The ultimate fighter

alexa bliss in sexy bikini

22. Leaning over shot

alexa bliss sexy boobs

23. Bodybuilding – striking a sexy pose

alexa bliss sexy photoshoot in bikini

24. Out for blood

alexa bliss in bra

25. Follow me

images of alexa bliss

26. Title holder

alexa sexy hot pic

27. Announcing the fight

alexa bliss wwe hot

28. Fists up ladies

bliss bikini

29. Telling stories

alexa bliss wwe sexy

30. Blonde bombshell

bikini alexa divas

31. Winner

Cute alexa bliss sexy pics

32. Rocking out

alexa bliss sexy pics

33. Posing hard

Hot WWE alexa bliss sexy pics

34. Like the pink bikini?

wwe alexa bliss hot

35. Bright and bold

alexa bliss sexy pics in bikini

36. American warrior

alexa bliss bodybuilder

37. Oh no here is my butt

sexy alexa bliss walking in bikini

38. Never looked better

alexa bliss leaked pic

39. Sexy Pose

alexa bliss total divas
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  1. Switching some words from the announce team talking about Randy Orton if they could build a wrestler from the ground up it would look just like him — –if I could build a girlfriend from the ground up it would look just like Alexa Bliss. Every time I see her she reminds me of the slogan for Campbell’s soup = Mmm Mmm good.

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