The Bikini Sports Bar and Grill was a restaurant chain that offered great food, drinks and girls in bikinis. Their waitresses were called bikini babes and they wore skimpy bikini tops, tight jean mini shorts and cowboy boots. Though recently http://www.bikinissportsbarandgrill.com/ has changed owners and any information about the old site and founder can be found at Bikini Sports Bar and Grill’s wiki

The Ceo of The Bikini Sports Bar and Grill not only created a chain of these restaurants, but he created a whole life style brand. He coined the term “breastauant” which refers to his restaurants that focus on womens breasts. He was so interested in spreading the brand that he bought a city in Texas and renamed it Bikinis. Bikinis, Texas was originally named Bakersmith and eventually returned to that name in 2015. His goal for the abandoned town was to create a bikini themed tourist destination.

Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill created a genius marketing campaign praised by none other than Forbes Magazine. They had guest celebrities at openings and a monthly bikini contest. For customers who spent a lot of time there the received point on their loyalty card.

The Bikini Sports Bar and Grill, often called a breastaurant, was once one of many locations but it was the last remaining one of its kind until december. They are changing their image and transforming into BBG;s

BBG’s is meant to be less sexual and more family oriented. They will be offering new dishes and old dishes like burgers and grilled cheese.

The old http://www.bikinissportsbarandgrill.com/ is now run by new owner. But don’t worry, new owner is keeping the “Breast” spirit alive.

Bikinis Sports Bar And Grill Team will continue to enhance http://www.bikinissportsbarandgrill.com/ by posting more and more articles, each featuring a different product review, tips and tricks, how to etc.

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